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What we do

Q21 Capital is a BaFin-registered Asset Manager

Q21 Capital InvAG mit TGV is a BaFin-registered Alternative Investment Fund Manager focusing on Digital Assets. The Company offers multiple products targeting digital assets trading strategies.

The focus is on funds that develop and deploy automated trading strategies or base their decisions on quantitative signals. These strategies encompass arbitrage, market making, mean reversion, statistical modeling, trend following, and diverse long/short strategies.

Q21Capital is headquartered in Germany and holds investments in Europe, America, and South-East-Asia.

Our Approach

To Cater for Different Risk Appetite among Investors, we offer Multiple Products

Experience & Alignment of Management Team

Digital Assets Portfolio Management since January 2019. Substantial Percentage of AUM comes from managers.

Thorough Due Diligence & Portfolio Management

Carefully Selected Funds with Sustainable Alpha Generation and Active Rebalancing according to Sentiment Shifts.

BaFin-Registered & Trusted Service Providers

BaFin-registered Asset Manager with well-known and trusted service providers.

Diversification Across Multiple Categories

Portfolios are Diversified across multiple managers, regions, strategies, exchanges, underlyings, and instruments.

Our Funds

We believe investors should be able to build their own overall portfolio based on their appetite for risk, which is why we offer diverse products


The ZeroBeta Fund consists of a well-diversified portfolio of market-neutral funds that aims to deliver consistent monthly returns of ca. 1%, resulting in ca. 15% annualized avoiding major drawdowns. The target funds are located across the globe and are combined trading more than 100 pairs across tier-one centralized exchanges and few selected decentralized exchanges. The different strategies draw on a wide range of financial instruments and can be assigned to the following main buckets: funding rate arbitrage, basis trading, cross-instrument and cross-exchange arbitrage, yield-farming, market-making, and other sophisticated and market-tailored variants of market-neutral trading.


The PrudentBull Fund consists of a well-diversified portfolio of “quandamental” (quantitative signals and discretionary decision-making) and quantitative long/short funds. The portfolio aims to outperform Bitcoin while having a smaller volatility and therefore a better Sharpe Ratio. The funds’ teams are located in two different regions (Central Europe and North-America) and trade mainly the top 100 coins by market capitalization across tier-one centralized exchanges. The assets are mostly traded on spot markets and can mainly be assigned to the following main buckets: mean reversion, trend following, momentum, as well as fundamental and on-chain analysis based strategies.

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Core Team

Entrepreneurs, Investors and Digital Assets Enthusiasts

Pascal Tilgner

Co Founder & Managing Partner

Pascal Tilgner studied mathematics and statistics. He is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He has more than 5 years experience in the digital assets space and has made significant investments in digital assets ventures, exchanges, and trading strategies.

Dr. Maximilian Bader

Co Founder & Managing Partner

Dr. Maximilian Bader holds a Master in Business Administration and a Ph.D. in Technological Innovation Management. He has been building up the digital assets branch of a single-family office and has been managing it for three years.


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